Dont read this.

2010-09-19 00:19:02 by NatzHaks

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Screw this!

2010-02-14 21:59:39 by NatzHaks

I mean, its kinda getting annoying, so I'm gonna do you all a favor and just actually DO something. I'm gonna animate, and when I do, I will be GOOD!

EDIT: I have a pic of a new flash im working on.

AND I'f you can notice, I changed by skin, hair, and jacket colors slightly.

Screw this!

Hows the game goin?

2009-08-27 08:56:02 by NatzHaks

good. It's called "Violently Told"

It's gonna be really gory and lots of guns and blood.

Here's a screen shot:

Hows the game goin?

New Flash

2009-06-01 11:48:43 by NatzHaks

I've been improving in flash more and more, thats what I've been doing. Tests. And since I'm a little more ready than You'l wish you hadn't, I've started a new animation. Yes, this one will have voices. Here is the snap shot of the introduction scene I've been working on all last night and this morning.

New Flash

Collab entrys needed:

2009-05-18 09:51:36 by NatzHaks

I've started a new collab, and I need more people to animate shorts for it.

If your intrested, email me at:

you must send a .fla fileso I can copy/paste into the animation

I'm Alive!

2009-05-03 10:38:02 by NatzHaks

Ya Im Alive, making a post about the new flash I'm making, and how will quit, Erick is doing....something ans Kevin is right here.


So heres a quick shot on the new flash! (I QUIT IT, I GOT A TABLET!)

I'm Alive!

A few updates

2009-03-15 22:31:48 by NatzHaks

If you saw my new flash, you've probably noticed that I've gotten rid of the hat.

Second of all, I've started to use 24fps instead of 12.

Cursor Control

2009-03-08 16:05:21 by NatzHaks

I just started a new flash game series called "Cursor Contol" Click here to play it!

Cursor Control


2009-02-13 10:39:46 by NatzHaks